Image of a TIA client in consultation with Dr. Tiemann

You deserve to have true investment expertise on your side, helping you safeguard the results of your hard work,  while ensuring that your investments work for you.

We Serve Discerning Investors

Tiemann Investment Advisors provides investment management services primarily to individual investors and their families and small institutions. We also provide portfolio management services in partnership with other professionals that you may already be working with, including your accountant, financial planner or business management team.  Our clients include professionals in high tech, law, finance and academia as well as film and television talent, entrepreneurs and athletes. Since we only do investment management, we work well with other professionals you may already have a relationship with. Whether you are just starting out to build a new portfolio, have a complicated array of REITs, private equity, partnerships, assets and collectibles, or you’ve been in the market for years, we can help.

When you first meet with Dr. Tiemann, he will review your existing accounts and clarify your financial issues.  It is generally in the initial meeting that our clients learn just how exceptional TIA’s level of financial and investment expertise is. We have the capability to help you get all asset classes and types of investment securities sorted out. Are you concerned about a concentrated portfolio because your company was just acquired? Maybe you’ve become mired in a broad swath of exotic investment deals.  Dr. Tiemann can and will address the investment issues you most worry about.

TIA looks at the big picture and works to maximize market returns while minimizing the fees and taxes that can burden portfolios.  We offset client taxable gains by selling those securities with losses, maximizing the client’s after-tax outcome (something that is not feasible using mutual funds).  Dr. Tiemann also tackles tax basis forensics, sorts out corporate action history, and can establish valuations as part of his preparations to design your portfolio.  We assess the tax impacts of portfolio changes and apply a laser-like focus on reducing portfolio fees, excess taxes and frictional costs. Individuals whose portfolios are burdened with a lot of excess fess will benefit the most from the unique application of TIA’s expert capabilities.

Our Competition?  In today’s market, practically anyone can call him or herself a “financial advisor.”  While many financial advisors hold a financial planning certification, virtually none have in-depth academic training in quantitative finance, hold a Ph.D, or bring thirty years of high-level investment experience to the table, as does Dr. Tiemann.  Some investors find a friendly broker relationship an acceptable level of service.  Others are content with paying a financial advisor to help them select from an array of existing funds. And there are also those who choose to spend a lot of their own time trying to learn how invest their money all by themselves. Our clients are more discerning. They know that they have done the hard work of generating wealth and deserve to have an investment expert on their side, avoiding the pitfalls of investing and making their wealth work for them. And they appreciate  the fact that Tiemann Investment Advisors provides an exceptional service—at a standard and very reasonable rate.


TIA’s investment management services are available for non-profits, foundations, endowments, pensions and institutions seeking expert investment management services. Dr. Tiemann has experience with the investment management issues of such groups—both as a client for such services as well as a provider of institutional services.  He understands the various requirements, including the revenue/cash management planning, development of investment guidelines, transparent reporting and due diligence. Dr. Tiemann has experience addressing Investment Committees, Boards of Directors and other constituencies. TIA is able to provide these clients with investment management as well as an array of related expert financial and financing advice, including matters pertaining to bond issuances, fiduciary responsibilities, equity structures and more.