Written by Valerie Gardner, TIA Principal & Business Manager, April 12, 2018

Welcome!  We are pleased to introduce a new Tiemann Investment Advisor website to those coming to visit us online.  We are now located at tiemanninvestmentadvisors.com but if you go to “tiemann.net” you will be automatically redirected to the new website.

Once again, though we have an updated design that we hope you will enjoy, much about our website will be familiar to those who have seen our former site.  We still have our monthly and quarterly Market Reviews, where you can get caught up on market moves; our occasional News & Updates on topics we think are relevant to investors and, best of all, Jonathan Tiemann’s periodic Viewpoint Notes, where you can read longer articles on topics of interest to Dr. Tiemann and a broader audience of finance experts.  If you’ve been here before, you will see that much has remained the same despite having a cleaner, more spacious look. We wanted you to feel at home despite the need for a little virtual remodeling.

It’s been four years since our last update and there have been quite a few technological shifts since our last overhaul.  More and more people are accessing the web using tablets and phones, so we are striving to stay abreast of these trends. You don’t need to view us on your phone but, if you choose to, you can now access to the wealth of information we offer using any device.

While we are excited to have upgraded our online presence, we want to assure you that we maintain our focus on providing you with the highest-caliber investment service available, direct access to our investment expert, and a straight-forward approach to providing you with a range of interesting news and market updates.

We hope our new site makes it easier for you to access the information you need, no matter where you are or what device you are using.  Please feel free to post a comment below or let me know what you think . . . and, yes, our email addresses are staying the same.

Thanks for being here!