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Investors Benefit from Access to Real Expertise

Too many individual investors do not have direct access to an investment expert.  Even extraordinarily high net worth individuals and well-endowed family offices with complex portfolios often deal with “advisors” who use third-party funds or outside managers to actually handle their clients’ investments.  They never speak directly with the investment expert who manages their funds. As a result, they can have trouble finding out when their funds are overlapping, overpaying with layers of fees, or simply failing to make timely decisions that cost them in total market return.  Dr. Jonathan Tiemann founded Tiemann Investment Advisors (TIA) to help address this need for individual investors.

Building on Dr. Tiemann’s twenty years of high-level experience in academia and institutional money management, TIA embodies a distinctive investment philosophy and implementation strategy that makes real investment expertise accessible to individuals—so your questions get answered and you are confident that your portfolio is structured for your needs.

TIA applies academic rigor, institutional know-how, thoughtful individual analysis and the leverage of technology (so we stay cost-effective) — to the design and management of your unique portfolio. Dr. Tiemann, a top investment expert (rather than a sales representative), works directly with you. He analyzes your situation, designs your investment program, manages your portfolio, and restores your confidence.

In many traditional investment firms, the client-facing staff – the financial “advisors” – are primarily and functionally salespeople. Depending on the firm, they may really be brokers, rather than investment advisors. Such individuals, while friendly and charming, earn commissions based upon what financial products they can sell to their clients.  Lacking deep investment expertise, they may rely on some basic tools — sometimes displaying impressive “bells and whistles” — to choose from a narrow menu of investment portfolios at their firm.  Their clients will never get access to a real investment expert — those experts oversee “template” portfolios and attend group promotional events in support of the large sales teams.  You may get introduced to one of those experts, but in most traditional firms, they will not ever really know you, your specific circumstances – or your portfolio.

TIA eliminates the sales intermediary and brings the expert, Dr. Tiemann, to the center of the process. You and he meet directly, discussing you, your family, your financial needs, and your portfolio. He evaluates the cost basis and tax issues that characterize your existing investments. Then he designs the right portfolio that balances structure with flexibility, outlook with cash and taxability needs, presenting a proposal to you to review and approve. If you have an existing portfolio, TIA’s proposal will consider trading costs, tax impacts, and the expenses of your existing investments. Only then will TIA proceed to implement your new portfolio, carefully tweaking an existing portfolio to minimize trading costs, tax impacts, excess management layers and other frictional costs to best exploit the after-tax returns available to you. You will get TIA’s monthly and quarterly reports on market and portfolio performance from TIA and, since your funds remain secure within your own custodian account, you get a confirming report from your custodian.

With TIA, you receive the benefit of top investment knowledge, experience and analytical power at every step. You know who is managing your investments, and he knows you and your particular needs. And because TIA’s portfolio approach eliminates layers of fund managers, distribution, marketing and sales costs as well as unncessary taxes on realized gains, your total return after tax may be higher.