Custom Portfolio Implementation

Custom Portfolio Implementation 2018-04-12T00:01:18+00:00

Each Client is Unique: So is Their Portfolio

Unique portfolio design and personalized portfolio implementation dovetail at Tiemann Investment Advisors. TIA has created its own proprietary, quantitatively-based protocol which utilizes institutional-caliber investment discipline for building custom portfolios that conform to the specifications of each individual portfolio design. Like an architectural blueprint, TIA sets forth each client’s own detailed portfolio specifications in terms designed to facilitate this efficient, quantitative implementation. This process allows us to deliver a very high degree of individualization and customization in a surprisingly cost-effective way.

The expertise embedded in each plan allows the portfolio building process to be smooth and efficient, eliminating layers of management and layers of fees. It also facilitates extensive personalization, accommodating client preferences regarding individual securities, sectors or investment philosophies. When any aspect of your investment world changes, just talk with us and we adjust your portfolio accordingly. A TIA portfolio strives, at all times, to provide you with your prescribed structure, while constantly remaining mindful of transactional costs and taxes. That is, we do things the smart way.

TIA applies an individually designed filter to the traditional quantitative approach, eliminating the bias of stock picking and attaining true individualized diversification.