Personalized Investing

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TIA’s portfolio design and implementation approach leverages technologies that enable TIA to provide clients with unique filtering within their structured portfolios, to reflect their personal investment preferences — whatever those may be.

Leveraging Technology for Greater Customization

Tiemann Investment Advisors was incorporated in 2002 in Palo Alto, California and found its first office on University Avenue in a space that had once been leased by a small, unknown start-up named Google. While essentially a financial firm, TIA nevertheless has a strong technological bent and brings a far more innovative and technologically sophisticated approach to managing portfolios than most of its competition. TIA’s technical orientation — using state of the art technology to solve the most data-intensive and time-consuming investment management tasks — is integral to how TIA does business. This enables TIA to focus the high-level expertise of its founder primarily on addressing the unique investment challenges faced by individual clients — something we believe is central to best serving client needs.

Typical investment firms choose to grow by hiring new salesmen and homogenizing their product offerings. TIA grows by investing in technology that allows us to do increasingly customized work more effectively. We first look at commercially available tools. However, we also invest in building our own custom tools designed around how we do our work. This allows us to serve the needs of our clients without either decreasing the quality of our service or increasing our prices. Our clients all receive the benefit of working directly with our expert on an ongoing basis and getting their own unique, individual portfolios. Our technological investments streamline back-office functions so we can do our work efficiently.

Socially-Responsible Investing

TIA is pleased to be able to offer its clients highly sophisticated investment filters that readily accommodate a wide variety of personal preferences in their portfolios. Clients with an interest in socially-responsible investing may elect to opt out of specific companies, types of companies or business sectors. TIA is also able to create a “Do Not Hold” list of stocks that the investor wishes to keep out of their portfolio. TIA’s quantitative yet flexible investment process formalizes these filters and systematically adjusts your portfolio to take into account whatever choices you make. In the process, we maintain your asset allocation, structure, diversification, and continue to tax manage your account to maximize your after-tax return.

Announcing TIA’s Future Generations™

FutureGenerationsLogoBugTMMany investors are not merely investing their money wisely so that they have what they need: they are also investing for the benefit of their children, grandchildren and future generations. However, we know that carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping emissions are affecting our climate and, unfortunately, posing enormous and growing risks to that future.  Investors are legitimately concerned about how this problem will impact not only their investments but, more importantly, the world that their children and grandchildren will need to inhabit.  Increasingly, investors want to find ways to invest in the clean economy.

In 2006, California passed AB-32, the Global Warming Solutions Act, landmark legislation that requires sharp reductions in carbon emissions.  This marked a watershed moment in California’s and possibly America’s history and sets the stage for the country’s transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future, by “aiming to improve the environment and natural resources while maintaining a robust economy.”

TIA has been watching the regulatory environment over the last half decade and, in particular, the implementation of California’s Cap & Trade program, launched in 2012, which applies costs to the emissions of carbon dioxide. In response to this carbon pricing mechanism, TIA designed a special “post-carbon-priced” investment filter for those clients that would like to design their portfolio to reflect the likely implementation of carbon pricing throughout the market.  TIA calls this filter the Future Generations™ strategy and clients may elect to implement this filter for some or all parts of their portfolio. Click the highlighted link to learn more about implementing this new portfolio design for your account.