Posted June 18, 2014

The Brookings Institute’s Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy, a group providing independent and well-researched analysis of fiscal and monetary policy issues, released a cute new graphic that pretends to mimic Janet Yellen’s economic dashboard. Every quarter, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and her Fed colleagues secretly evaluate various economic indicies to see where the economy has been and project where they think it’s going. The Hutchins Center’s new dashboard attempts to shed some light on this process and displays a dozen or so of the more important indicators in the categories of Inflation, Jobs, Growth, and Market which measure aspects of the economy.  This interactive dashboard app is now available to give those watching the Fed a step-up in the perennial game of attempting to anticipate Fed moves, as it steers quarterly toward its statutory goals of maximum sustainable employment and price stability. Click the link to access the interactive Janet Yellen’s Dashboard and see if you can use this information to figure out what forecasts and actions the Fed Chair will make before the next Fed announcements.