Written by Valerie Gardner, TIA Business Manager, August 18, 2014

As of today, Tiemann Investment Advisors has a new website!  If you’ve been here before, you may notice that the look of the site is updated but similar in appearance to our former site. It’s true: the website has actually been completely overhauled and redone on a new, more powerful platform — but it looks almost the same!

We did all of this work so that we could bring you a range of new and improved features and functionality.  In particular, this site provides better accessibility through tablets and iPhones. We’ve added a “blog” capability that allow visitors to read and write comments online about our News or Dr. Tiemann’s academic-styled notes (available both at “View” and “Investment Viewpoint”). This new website also offers search capabilities which our former site did not have, and gives us greater control over search engine visibility, especially for those who may be searching for information buried deep in Dr. Tiemann’s writings!

Yet, we liked our former website design, which had served us well we thought.  So, while we evaluated using more Flash and getting a dramatic aesthetic overhaul, our corporate persona is just not comfortable being flashy.  We opted to just keep our straight-forward look and continue to work mostly on refining our written information.  We have done so but we will continue to aspire to make it clear and accessible for investors seeking to understand our no-nonsense approach to investment management.

We hope you take some time to explore and enjoy our new site.

Thank you for reading!