Ode to Spring: The Baseball Subjunctive


With the start of the baseball season, Dr. Tiemann reflects on the wonders of the language favored by baseball commentators and others in love with the sport.  The Baseball Subjunctive, he writes, “sounds natural, knowledgeable.  The Standard construction sounds stilted.  Some few great writers and announcers could describe the game in Standard English and excel the rest of us.  But those few — Vin Scully, Ring Lardner, Roger Angell — possessed the gift of poetry. . . .”

In Defense of Baseball


Dr. Tiemann pens his thoughts regarding the designated hitter rule and the schizm created in baseball by the differing application of this rule by the National and American Leagues, following the face-off between Madison Bumgarner of the Giants and Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers.

Pitch Perfect


Dr. Tiemann's love of baseball comes through in this homage to the sport, which describes the game's "infinite variety and continuity with the past, both historic and mythic."  A lifetime of learning, playing, coaching and being a baseball fan has embued Dr. T with a level of appreciation for the myriad transcendent aspects of the sport which he shares with readers to enable them to understand the game of baseball far beyond that which is merely visible on the field.

Can News be Neutral?


Offers insight to the bias inherent in financial news reporting and the risks involved from trading on "news" from a fax alert, mailer or television program. Explains how looking at the broader picture and diversifying your data sources will result in better choices for the long term disciplined investor.

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