Individual Focus, Institutional Discipline

TIA’s investment process begins with you, your aspirations and your unique needs. Our investment expert evaluates your time horizon and attitude toward risk – and much more. He looks at other assets such as stock options, concentrated positions, real estate holdings, business ownership and private investments. He factors in the industry exposures from your sources of income, affiliations, geography and more. From this comprehensive analysis comes a customized portfolio plan, which forms the architectural blueprint for your investments, like a custom mosaic. This plan is the most important element determining the success of your investment program.

With your plan in place, TIA applies sophisticated, quantitative, institutional-caliber portfolio management techniques to carefully build and maintain your portfolio. We manage your portfolio the way large institutions manage theirs, relying on established, professional investment disciplines rather than hunches, and remaining independent of any firm’s need to support certain securities in the market. However, TIA takes it a step further, leveraging technology to streamline many complex, traditionally costly functions. The result is a portfolio that is as finely tailored and as specifically fitted to you and your needs as would be a fine, custom tailored suit — but which is surprisingly competitive in cost.

Expertise That Serves Your Investment Needs

Tiemann Investment Advisors is unusual among high-end, professional investment advisory firm, in that it was founded by an investment expert, not a broker, banker or CPA. Central to the strength of TIA’s service is the background and experience of its founder, Dr. Jonathan Tiemann. Dr. Tiemann has spent nearly three decades engaged in financial analysis and investment management at the highest levels. He has developed TIA’s unique approach to bring academic sophistication, institutional professionalism and personal integrity to the management of investors’ portfolios.

TIA places that experience and approach directly at your disposal. TIA concentrates its expertise first on getting to know you and your needs, then designing the right portfolio structure for you and helping you understand it. Only when you approve it does TIA build the portfolio, using proven, sophisticated, quantitative portfolio construction techniques seeking the most efficient implementation of the structural design. Most ordinary advisors simply cannot marshal enough expertise to tackle that complexity throughout the process.