Why the Debt Ceiling Matters — and What to do About It

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Dr. Tiemann presented a talk at the Business Management Discussion Group on Monday, February 4th in Santa Monica, California entitled “Why the Debt Ceiling Matters - and What to do About It.”

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How to save $1.8 trillion

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In a special 132-page report published in August 2015 entitled "ENERGY DARWINISM II: Why a Low Carbon Future Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth," Citigroup, one of the world's largest financial insitutions, reported that it had studied the financial impacts and feasibility of whether we could afford to address climate change.   It found that, in fact, opting to address climate [...]

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A question for Senator Ted Cruz

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We are about three weeks away from the next Republican candidates' debate, but I'm still stuck on one item from the last debate. Toward the end, the moderators cited a Treasury Department proposal to replace the image of Alexander Hamilton on the ten-dollar bill with that of a woman, and asked the candidates which woman they would choose for that [...]

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How much austerity is enough?

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By Dr. Jonathan Tiemann, April 20, 2015 Although we don't hear the word explicitly that often, austerity is very much at the center of economic debate today. In the US, both the Senate and the House of Representatives are working on budget proposals, which would (their sponsors say) balance the Federal budget within a decade. Those proposals would do so [...]

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Janet Yellen’s Dashboard

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Posted June 18, 2014 The Brookings Institute's Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy, a group providing independent and well-researched analysis of fiscal and monetary policy issues, released a cute new graphic that pretends to mimic Janet Yellen's economic dashboard. Every quarter, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and her Fed colleagues secretly evaluate various economic indicies to see where the [...]

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