Dr. Tiemann’s Russian-American Co. and Alaskan fur rush research will be taught at the Global History of Capitalism project at Oxford in June 2022

Dr. Tiemann has written and will be teaching his third Oxford Case study on the topic of “The Alaskan fur rush and the Russian-American Company,” in partnership with Dr. Christopher McKenna for the Global History of Capital Project.  Dr. Tiemann has been researching and writing about how Russia, through the exploits of the Russian-American Company in building its trading activity across Alaska and down the west of what is now the U.S., endeavored to secure land rights in competition with the British, the Spanish, the Mexicans and local indigenous tribes. In this case study, Dr. Tiemann reveals what happened when the Russian-American company fell prey to its own (and others’) unsustainable trapping practices and populations of beaver, sea otters and other mammals collapsed.

To read Dr. Tiemann’s Global History of Capital case study, click this link to go to Alaskan fur rush and the Russian-American Company at Oxford for click here to go to the “Russian-American Company” note on the TIA website.