Dr. Tiemann’s Gold Rush research provides instruction for the Global History of Capitalism project at Oxford

Dr. Tiemann has written and will be teaching his second Oxford Case study on the topic of “Discounting gold: Money and banking in Gold Rush Californi, in partnership with Dr. Christopher McKenna for the Global History of Capital Project.  Dr. Tiemann has been researching and writing about how banking emerged during the years both prior to as well as during the California Gold Rush.  In this case study, he digs into the issue of the “resource curse” to explore what happened both during the Gold Rush and afterwards, to create the conditions for a resource curse to take effect but also, for the region to defend itself against the problems imposed by the resource curse.

To read Dr. Tiemann’s Global History of Capital case study, click this link to go to Discounting gold: Money and banking in Gold Rush California at Oxford for click here to go to the “Discounting Gold” note on the TIA website.