Dr. Tiemann’s Perspective on Markets, News and Investment-Related Issues

There is a lot going on in the investment world. In order to make sense of it, Dr. Tiemann provides regular written assessments specifically covering three distinct areas:  I. Reviewing the financial markets;  II. Providing noteworthy news and business updates;  III. Miscellaneous investment and finance issues.  The following sections provide a more detailed explanation of each of these three areas and quick links to get there but you can also use the main menu.

I. Market Reviews

Every month, Dr. Tiemann writes a market review that puts the movement of the major markets into focus in the context of other specific news of economic and political events.  At the end of each quarter, the market movements from the prior three months is also reported on from more of a macroeconomic perspective in a quarterly market review.  These market reviews are included as part of Dr. Tiemann’s reports to his clients on a monthly basis but they are also posted to the current Market Review page. Market reviews are all organized by year:  click here to go to 2019 Market Reviews.

II. News & Updates

Periodically there is a noteworthy news report or a TIA business update that Dr. Tiemann or his team think are worth highlighting.  These are published on the News & Updates page, often with a brief summary and link to the underlying article.  Once in a while, these are original articles written by Dr. Tiemann of a shorter length or may be a brief report on when Dr. Tiemann has been quoted by a reporter within an article published by a third-party news organization.  Click on the slider below to see a recent TIA News item.

Holiday Greetings 2020

December 23rd, 2020|

We wish everyone a healthy and happy 2021 and an opportunity to see loved ones and friends in a safe and secure way to your heart's content in the coming months. We have been [...]

Stop-Loss Orders and Portfolio Risk

June 10th, 2020|

Stop-Loss Orders & Portfolio Risk Investors hoping for gains through investments in the stock market must naturally bear the risk that the value of their holdings will fall. Prudent investors seek to construct [...]

Holiday Greetings 2019

December 20th, 2019|

We want to wish everyone happy holidays and a healthy and prosperous new year and decade. In appreciation of our clients and their long-term hopes for the future, we make a donation each year [...]

Can Advanced Nuclear raise funding from Venture Capital?

August 31st, 2019|

Can entrepreneurs working on innovations in nuclear energy raise venture capital in today's market? This is the topic that Valerie Gardner, TIA's cofounder and principal, addressed together with James Magowan, founder of Arboreal Capital, [...]

Ruminations on Radiation

August 28th, 2019|

Ruminations on Radiation:  How cultural fears of radiation emanate By Jonathan Tiemann, August 2019 In 1984, Gordon Matthew Sumner, better known by his stage name, Sting, broke away from his New Age band, The Police, [...]

III. Viewpoint Notes

Dr. Tiemann ‘s unique viewpoint expresses itself in a series of engaging essays — what we call “notes” — written on a variety of topics. With more than fifty published notes tracing back to even earlier than 2002 (when TIA was founded), Dr. Tiemann has covered many of the essential issues pertaining to investment theory, the financial industry, portfolio management, fiscal and monetary policies, trends like bitcoin and much more.  Notes are longer-form essays which delve into great depth on a specific topic that happens to be of interest to Dr. Tiemann, such as asking “What is Money?”   These are posted as PDF documents in reverse chronological order and can be accessed from the Viewpoint Notes page, using the animated slider or the archive (which takes you to the note’s “landing page,” from where the PDF can be accessed.) Currently, Dr. Tiemann has been conducting historical research into how banking developed during the Gold Rush era and recently published a note entitled “Banking Without Banks.”  He’s been finding a lot of interesting historical information, so we are looking forward to seeing more notes published in this area.  Click on the below slider to access Dr. Tiemann’s notes.