The Wall Street Vortex (October 2008)

Review of the more than run-of-the-mill market corrections and diagnoses of actions by the government to stem the failures by such entities as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, while permitting the collapse of Lehman and Bear Stearns. Implications of the political uncertainty in light of the upcoming presidential elections and market reactions.

Advancing the State of the Investment Art (November 2007)

Reflections on the power of the dialectic within the academic approach for diagnosing and solving the vexing issues relating to investing for individuals. Further reinforcement for upholding the principle of working to best solve the specific individual needs of each investment client, rather than contorting clients’ portfolios to fit into existing products.

A Pyramid of Little Golden Crumbs (September 2007)
A "no-holds-barred" review of the cast of unregulated characters on wall street who stand to earn fees on the transactions relating to home purchases and mortages by individuals, regardless of the ability of the homeowner to pay or the merit, quality or appropriateness of the issuance of the mortgage.

Reflections on a new record

Reflections on a New Record (May 2007)

A cautiously optimistic assessment of the S&P and Dow meeting their previous highs from 2000 and what the state of the market highs suggest, with respect to PE values and other indicators, for long-term investors.

The Hidden Costs of Investing: The A, B, C's of Mutual Funds (Feb 2007)

A discussion and primer on the hidden costs of mutual funds, the primary types of "pre-packaged" investments that many investors get "advised" to put their money into. This is a must-read for investors who want to know what their advisor earns, what their real costs are for owning mutual funds, and why total fees are not easy to ferret out even when you delve into the fine print of those pesky prospectuses.