Pitch Perfect


Dr. Tiemann's love of baseball comes through in this homage to the sport, which describes the game's "infinite variety and continuity with the past, both historic and mythic."  A lifetime of learning, playing, coaching and being a baseball fan has embued Dr. T with a level of appreciation for the myriad transcendent aspects of the sport which he shares with readers to enable them to understand the game of baseball far beyond that which is merely visible on the field.

Strategic Partnership


New strategic transitional partnership agreement completed with Bill Stocklin of Stocklin Capital Management for the coordination and transition of investment management to Tiemann Investment Advisors over a period of a few years.

2009 Holiday Greetings


In appreciation of our client relationships, TIA has made a contribution to the Financial Times’s seasonal appeal in support of Room to Read, a charity promoting literacy and educational opportunities for children in the developing world.

Wishing you an especially joyous holiday season and a successful 2010!

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