Can Advanced Nuclear raise funding from Venture Capital?

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Can entrepreneurs working on innovations in nuclear energy raise venture capital in today's market? This is the topic that Valerie Gardner, TIA's cofounder and principal, addressed together with James Magowan, founder of Arboreal Capital, at a session of the 2019 Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp that was held in Paris, France on August 28th, 2019.  Ms. Gardner and Mr. Magowan were [...]

Atoms for Peace

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Atoms for Peace: Revisiting the Promise of Nuclear Power on the Cusp of Climate Catastrophe This is a reprint of the Senior Project submitted to the Division of Social Studies, Bard College By Amelia Tiemann, May 2019 Preface When people think about nuclear power, they typically identify with one of two binary positions: either they believe nuclear power is [...]

Power to Save the World

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Power to Save the WorldBy Sarah Tiemann, a research report for Mr. Signore in US History, 2° February 29, 2016The history of nuclear energy is a controversial one; from passionate support to radical opposition, people all over the world have debated whether nuclear power should be used as a reliable source of energy. Nuclear power is "a method of producing [...]

TIA’s Outlook and Future Generations Analysis

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TIA's Outlook and Future Generations Analysis (Click to open PDF of Future Generations Analysis) OverviewTiemann Investment Advisors, LLC (TIA) is an independent, private, owner-managed investment firm with offices in Menlo Park, California. The firm was co-founded in 2002 by Jonathan Tiemann, Ph.D and Valerie Gardner, JD, MBA.Investing for the Long TermTIA's investment approach is building portfolios for clients based [...]

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