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How much austerity is enough?

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By Dr. Jonathan Tiemann, April 20, 2015 Although we don't hear the word explicitly that often, austerity is very much at the center of economic debate today. In the US, both the Senate and the House of Representatives are working on budget proposals, which would (their sponsors say) balance the Federal budget within a decade. Those proposals would do so [...]

Inverting Management’s Duty to Shareholders

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By Dr. Jonathan Tiemann, March 23, 2015 While we're on the subject of fiduciaries (see the post just before this one), there's another important principal (owner) - agent (person acting on owners' behalf) relationship in finance. That's the relationship between shareholders and corporate managers. The extent of managers' fiduciary duty to shareholders isn't really clear under the law, especially since [...]

This man might just save the euro

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By Dr. Jonathan Tiemann Last month, a general election in Greece brought to power a leftist party called Syriza. Syriza’s leader — Greece’s new Prime Minister — Alexis Tsipras, campaigned on promises to roll back the severe economic austerity the previous government had accepted as a condition for continued financial support from the rest of the Eurozone. But while Mr. [...]